What To Expect When Adopting A Dog: Advice From Dog Trainers

What To Expect When Adopting A Dog: Advice From Dog Trainers

Dog adoptions are a fantastic way to bring joy to a dog’s life and to have a little ray of sunshine in yours. When you do move forward with a dog adoption, however, what can you realistically expect? The dog trainers at Mr. Speck’s Playhouse put together this guide to help with the bumps in pet adoption.

When you go out to adopt a dog in West Hollywood, you are going to have certain expectations. For most people, those expectations are of a sweet, fun dog. Some want something cuddly and cute, while others might prefer playful and energetic. Whatever you want out of a dog, that is what you go in expecting.

However, things do not always come out as you had planned. Dog adoptions are a complex matter because dogs, like humans, are all different. Each one has their own life experiences. Some might come with behavioral problems or fears, or certain quirks, while others are happy pups. It is not always easy to figure out what type of dog you are going to get. If you are seriously considering a dog adoption West Hollywood has available, you need to understand what to expect from the process.

Do remember, dog training is available if you ever need any help. The dog training West Hollywood offers will help make the transition a smoother one, especially at Mr. Speck’s. You will want to train your dog fully and a professional can help in that.

Personalities and Behavior

It is hard to say, exactly, what you can expect from your new dog. It depends heavily on the dog itself. Its experiences, age, health, and overall personality will affect how it acts. To get a better idea of what your dog is like, make sure to take time learning about the dog. Go on walks at the shelter, with the workers, and spend time with him or her.

A lot of shelter dogs are generally good-natured. They want to play and love, and they have plenty of both to bring to the table. They just need someone ready to love them in return. If that person is you, and you are ready to open yourself up to a dog’s unending and eternal love, you can find the perfect companion.

Not all dogs are like this, though. Some dogs do have behavioral problems. They may bark or nip, or cower, or not react positively to most situations. Dogs with a history of abuse or neglect are at risk of this behavior. Most often, this is something the shelter will tell you. If you choose a dog adoption West Hollywood offers, you should have access to this information prior to the adoption.

Take the time to understand the dog personally and speak with the shelter about the dog. Learn its behavior and personality so that you know the type of dog you are adopting.

Bringing Them Home

Dogs may take some time adjusting. For dogs with behavioral problems or a history of abuse and neglect, this is especially true. Do not try to force the dog to be open and active the moment you bring it home, as that may not be best. Work on their level and in their time.

When you do adopt a dog in West Hollywood, keep in mind that you will need to get the proper food and supplies. This might seem obvious, but you will want to make sure everything works for the dog. Speak to the shelter about what they feed the dog, slowly moving the dog to another food if you prefer.

If you have other animals and would like to have them meet, take time with it and do it gently. Do not try to force it, as that may only result in everyone involved getting angry and afraid.

Training Right Away

Begin training as soon as you can. A dog adoption West Hollywood offers will likely not come with training courses. This is something you will have to do yourself or through a professional. If attempting yourself, make sure that you stick with it and follow all available, trusted information.

You can always use services for dog training West Hollywood offers. Services like this offer depth, professionalism, trusted results, and complete care. You can have your dog trained fully in every way necessary.

If you have adopted a younger dog, one that might not be fully trained yet, start training as soon as you can and stick with it. Older dogs can still benefit from dog training West Hollywood has available, but many may already have the necessary training. Puppies require training early and often to ensure their behavior does not worsen. After all, no one wants a grown dog that still misbehaves like a puppy.

Choosing to adopt a dog in West Hollywood is a great move. You have rescued a dog in need and you have brought their love into your home – and given them plenty of love in return. Before doing any of this, do make sure you know what to expect. It is best for both you and the dog.