Full Service Dog Playhouse opens in West Hollywood

Full Service Dog Playhouse opens in West Hollywood

Full Service Dog Playhouse opens in West Hollywood; new haven for pets and pet lovers

Mr. Speck’s Playhouse gives pet owners the opportunity to get their dog day care, dog grooming, pet training and socializing all done at the same location.

LOS ANGELES, California – July 14, 2017 – As far as the dog community is concerned, Mr. Speck's playhouse is the “it” location for your dog's all around care. The concrete and traffic packed streets of West Hollywood are not known to cater to pets, but now owners have an oasis to take their dogs. Mr. Speck’s Playhouse includes a size matched playground as well as other facilities all at the same location for your convenience.

“We get it: your dog is your buddy, your baby, your snuggle bear” says the team at Mr. Specks. The team goes on to express the conflicts of working full time, and being able to give your dog a little more than the bare minimum when it comes to attention.

Speck, the family’s beloved French bulldog’s grinning face greets all clients, either online or in the playhouse as you walk in. He also inspired the family to start the business after being let down several times at other dog day cares. Traveling already costs money; it should cost your pet their health as well. After putting their heads together, the family created Mr. Speck’s playhouse to bring the passion and love for dogs into one great facility.

Mr. Speck’s playhouse has gone above and beyond the average dog day care by providing the neighborhood of West Hollywood with a dog care system, as well as an owner social spot. The playhouse offers an in-house pet bakery, spa treatments, full service luxury care, a playground to match diverse dog sizes, as well as a lounge for owners. 

The owners leave you with a real feeling of comfort and love, “Inspired by our love for our own pup, you can count on Mr. Speck's Playhouse to treat your dog just like a member of our family”. And with prices that match this kind of care, you can get services that range from $10 to a full treatment and care packages that have unlimited days for less than $900. The fact that at Mr. Speck’s playhouse, your dog will be treated, groomed, trained, and socialized for three months is one of the best prices for any dog day care facility in the area. They are a quality service, for an economy price.

About Mr. Speck’s Playhouse

Mr. Speck’s Playhouse is a family run dog day care business located in the neighborhood of West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. It included dog day care services, dog training and grooming, as well as spa treatments and homemade dog treats. The facility also includes a pet and owner lounge to socialize with other families. Mr. Speck’s Playhouse is a new revolution in the dog day care market which combines the passion and love of dogs with the integrity and smarts of a well run business.

The company’s website can be found at

Contact information:

567 S Fairfax Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Weekdays: 7am - 8pm

Weekends: 8am – 7pm

P. 323-746-5636