5 Basic Obedience Training Words For Your Dogs

5 Basic Obedience Training Words For Your Dogs

So you just got a new dog, and although it may not be your first dog, it’s been a while. It can be a little daunting at first because you want to jump right into the training part. Obedience training is too important to rush, especially if you want to create a good bond with your dog. If you push too hard, you dog can develop more aggressively than you planned. Likewise, if you don’t push hard enough, your dog can grow to be lazy, or too hyper.

Obedience training for dogs is something that dog day cares will specialize in, they can show you simple tricks, and easy commands. Dog day cares, like Mr. SPecks Playhouse, are also great environments to watch the physical interactions between trainers and dogs; how to stand, how to put your arm out, how loud to speak, ect.

Below, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the five main commands to teach your dog while beginning obedience training. Do away with the antiquated idea that an old dog can’t learn new tricks; it’s disrespectful to your dog, and yourself as a trainer. A bond between an owner and their dog is manageable and possible as long as you give the effort. These obedience training tips from the help of, Cesar’s Way, are easy as far as commands are concerned, but you need to devote an hour a day if not more to training your new dog.


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This is a very basic command and can be used to train dogs to stay out of harm’s way. It is a command essentially used to call back the dogs back to yourself in case you let loose of the leash, your dog gets away, or you accidently left the house gates open. Maybe not the first command you will teach your dog, but it may save your dog’s life

  • Put a collar and a leash around your dog’s neck
  • Get down to your dog’s levels and say ‘come’ while you gently pull the leash
  • As soon as the dog comes to you. Give it a delicious treat



This command is used in obedience training for dogs in case you want your dog to sit down at one place instead of roaming around and creating a mess. Once you have mastered “sit”, walking your dog becomes less dangerous; they will learn to stop at command, and sit while waiting for stop lights to change.

  • Take a treat and hold it close to your dog’s nose
  • Move your hand over its head so that he follows it with its head and lowers his lower body in order to do so
  • As soon as the dog is sitting, say ‘sit’ and give the treat. Showing affection also helps.



“Stay” is a relatively complex command for a dog, because let’s face it, dogs are hyper. It is also challenging because it requires the most patience, and time to get this trick down. After your dog has learned, “sit” give this bad boy a try. 

  • Ask the dog to ‘sit’ first
  • Now, open the palm of your hand and say ‘stay’. Make the palm as if you are making a stop sign.
  • Now take a few steps back and if the dog stays where it was, treat it with a snack.
  • Now slowly increase the number of steps before giving the treat away.
  • Remember to always give your dog a treat even if it stays only for some time. This helps build the bond

This exercise takes time as it involves self-control for the dog as well as you, the dog obedience trainer. So be patient.



This command is among the most difficult in dog obedience training. This requires a lot of practice and needless to say, a lot of patience. As a dog obedience trainer, it might come as a challenge. This because the position concerned here is submissive in nature.

  • Get a very delicious treat and hold it in your closed fists.
  • Now bring your fist close to your dog’s nose/ snout and as soon as the dog smells it, bring the treat closer to the floor.
  • You will notice that the dog will follow. When it does so, move the treat along the ground so that his body follows pursuit of the head.
  • Finally when the dog is on the ground, you say ‘down’ and give the treat. Using affection will also help a great deal.

Repeat the exercise so that your dog gets better at it.



Dogs often get more curious than they should and it often lands them in a bad position. We as dog lovers certainly do not want that to happen, let alone to our own dog. It is, therefore, very important that you train your dog in this command to prevent it from getting in harm’s way.

  • Place a delicious treat in both hands
  • Bring forth one closed fist with the treat and tell it to ‘leave it’
  • The dog may try to bark, lick, sniff, paw, or even mouth your fist but you have to ignore it
  • Once your dog stops all attempts, give it the treat from the other hand.
  • Repeat this command and also try and make it look at you after it moves away from the first hand.

Obedience training for dogs is very important for dogs and needs to be done without any doubt. I case you are looking for dog training in West Hollywood, check out